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The Koncast

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE KONCAST. This is the podcast of former dishwasher, failed musician, and absurdist writer Jon Konrath. I will talk with other writers and persons of interest about writing, publishing, music, nostalgia, and cough medicine. Find me at

Sep 1, 2017

In this episode, I talk to author John Sheppard about planes, trains, and automobiles - no, not the movie, but actual forms of travel.

We discuss: Taking Amtrak across the country; Denver's weed money revitalization; the painted deserts of Nevada; the subways of NYC, DC, and LA; flying space-available on the C-5 galaxy; skydiving in Vegas; flying gliders and small planes; filming locations of the show Lost; the agonies of the Florida to midwest family drive; Coastal Florida versus Cracker Florida; and Jon's East to West vs West to East roadtrips.

Links from this episode:

- Paragraph Line:

- Jon Konrath:

- John Sheppard:

- John's Amtrak trip photos:

- Sons of the Pioneers - Ghost Riders in the Sky

- Jon's acrobatic plane lesson in Vegas:

- The Idaho silver mine disaster:

- The Project GNOME nuclear test site: